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Vision Information Technology as a knowledge-based company, began its activities since 2004 with the goal of producing, developing and developing software and implementing comprehensive information systems, focusing on providing comprehensive and specific solutions to facilitate organizational processes. Made The existence of knowledge-based thinking, expertise and experience in the field of technology and security of information and management capabilities has led the company to constantly move to grow and improve along with the technology of the day.
This innovative suite has been able to operate numerous successful projects using the world's leading standards in the areas of management, engineering, and information technology consultancy with the support of experienced and experienced human capital.


Vision Technologies Inc. believes that the success of the entire management system is shaped in the context of human resource culture and knowledge management, so that the weakest, yet strongest, loop of management systems is human resources of the organization. And not technology. Therefore, non-specialized entrance and unmanageted use of technology in addition to direct costs can also impose many overhead costs on the organization. As a result, the Vision Information Technology Company, as it seeks to enhance its specialist expertise, always highlights the excellence of the knowledge and skills of the employer. Therefore, in order to achieve this important, it is necessary for itself to benefit from the experience and knowledge of the scientific centers and reputable universities of the country (Tehran, Tarbiat Modares, Science and Research, etc.).


Advice and deployment of IT governance

Designing and deploying business intelligence systems and management information nodes

Information Security Management Advice

Standardization and reengineering of organizational processes

Consulting in strategic organizational planning

Human Resource Planning Consultancy

Consulting and analysis of educational organization needs

Design and deployment of customer relationship management systems

Localization and deployment of comprehensive banking systems

Design and deployment of enterprise productivity cycle systems

Design and production of integrated business systems

Consulting, Design and Deployment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Design and production of a comprehensive banking system (CBS)

Design and production of payment card management system (CMS)

Design and production of integrated financial systems

Consulting, designing and manufacturing of production frameworks and software development based on daytime architecture


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